Sunday, June 3, 2007


Renjishi is a famous kabuki dance based on this legend.

The spirit of Father Shishi (white –hair) and Son- Shishi (red –hair)

The father pushed his son down into the bottom of the valley to test his strength. His son was encouraged by his father’s figure reflected in the water. He quickly climbed the cliff. His father was glad to see this and they danced together.
Father Shishi--- David made this doll
Son Shishi-- Daniel made this doll
My students made Samurai doll, Sado-Okesa doll, Shishi-doll, Sado-okesa doll and Temari in June.
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Senkyoshi said...

You are off to a great start! Isn't it exciting?!

Daniel said...

Way to go Chisako. I hope you post consistently.

Catur Arie Setiyani said...

my name Catur from Indonesia,
I love Washi Ningyo.
I learn to make it from Japanese book, because I can not read Japanese character, it's dificult.
With hard work i can made it.
But dificult to find washi (paper) in Indonesia for making them.
My dream is someday I can go Japan wear kimono, see sakura and learn to make Japanese Paper doll.

Nice to see you online.
Maybe you can visit my web about my washi doll at
I need your input