Thursday, June 12, 2008

etsy shop

One of my best friends who lives in Nagoya suggetsed me that I open etsy shop to sell my dolls and Japanese paper long time ago. But I didn't know how to start.Then, many emails from people overseas interested in making Japanese paper dolls made me open my etsy shop immediately. " Please teach me how to make a doll" " Your students make such beautiful dolls and I would like to make them too". Hummm, can I teach them only though email? They need deatail instructions. So, I started making eBook of Temari. It took me for a long time to complete the eBook. Then, some people bought Temari eBook and made them. They were very happy with my eBook and I'm glad that they liked it.

Dwita, who lives in Indnesia, made 2 Temari dolls. First, She made Temari doll( right one) with Temari kit that I sold to her and then she cut papers and made the second one. ( left one)

My etsyshop



Senkyoshi said...

How exciting! I love the dolls that the lady made. You are doing a great job!

Chisako said...

Thank you!!