Monday, October 13, 2008


There are many festivals all of Japan around this time. We had cutlery festival in Seki and Japanese paper lantern festival in Mino.

I had a doll class on the 12th. My students came to Seki on the 11th and we went to see the sword making demonstration. And then, we went to see martial arts. While we were watching the martial arts, I saw some of my students. So, I suddenly decided to have dinner with them. We enjoyed shopping and eating festival food. At dinner time, 12 people came to my house. We ordered pizza and I made Indian curry, salad & brownies. It was not enough food for everyone, but all of us were very happy to be together. After dinner, we went to see Japanese paper lanterns to Mino. This year, I didn't make a lantern for the festival. One of my students, who was eager to make a lantern, left Japan last summer. So, I decided not to make a lantern this year. I will make a lantern with someone if I have that kind of student again. : ) But, it takes a long time to make a very nice lantern. The most difficult part would be to think of a unique design, I think. After that, the key would be time,how long we can work on one lantern. Everyone is busy, and I don't want to work on it alone. Anyway, the lanterns were very beautiful on the traditional street in Mino.

The next day, I had a class with 6 people. Some of them stayed at my hosue and some of them stayed at a inn in Seki. Everyone made beautiful dolls. People came from Osaka, Kobe,Takayama and Kani. It was a trip for them. I really enjoyed the class. I think that I will have a class when we have these festivals again.

If you would like to come to Seki in Japan, this time would be perfect time!! Come to Seki and join my class!! You would have a wounderful time!!

If you would like to see the pictures of lanterns...

Japanese paper lantern festival

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